About me

Hi this is Ella - Thanks so much for visiting the blog.
I've been following a Gluten free diet since Jan 2013, when after years of terrible health I was finally diagnosed with Coeliac disease.
I had terrible skin problems, my stomach was constantly bloated & in pain, I felt hungover pretty much all day long (without having had the fun of the night before), suffered really badly with chronic fatigue and I was literally allergic to everything you can think of - from my cats, to washing powders to pretty much most foods including all fruits, nuts, dairy, eggs, meat, caffeine - the list was endless. Actually it would be quicker to tell you the list of foods I WAS able to tolerate. I felt like I hated food & eating to the point I couldn't see a way out & felt like giving up. The idea behind this blog is to get back into the kitchen, focus on the foods I CAN eat, have fun creating recipes and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I've seen more than my fair share of 'health experts' - none of whom had the magic answer I was looking for, but who have all contributed in some way to the stack of knowledge & understanding I've gained along the way.
I have also tried practically every healing diet out there from the every detox under the sun to the joyless candida diet.  I also have to mention the "potato diet" which was basically just that and nothing else! Actually this DID help calm my digestive issues down, but woman cannot live on potatoes alone, and sadly this period in time coincided with my birthday, so my lovely friends made me a "happy birthday" baked potato with candles in it, instead of a cake. Not sure whether to laugh or cry at that memory!
My journey back to health hasn't been quick or straight forward & I'd encourage anyone finding the same thing to keep going, never give up & keep trying different things until things start to shift & you're moving forwards.
Homeopathic remedies have supported me along the way & I don't know how I'd have coped without them. They have helped hugely with my physical symptoms and helped my emotional state on the dark days when I simply could not envisage ever feeling well again. I love homeopathy so much that I'm now training to become a homeopath.
For anyone reading this who has chronic fatigue, I also have to mention the lightning process, which I did in December 2013 & I have progressed so much since doing this, I would highly recommend it.
Since doing this, I am now eating fruits, nuts, & a whole host of other foods that previously sent me straight to A&E when consumed. Also my energy levels have improved dramatically.

Then yesterday someone asked me if I was a vegetarian & if this was a vegetarian blog. The answer to both is no, although I can't remember the last time I ate meat & eat very little fish. There will be a lot more vegetarian meals on here than meat ones, because that's the way I eat.......at the moment..... but I don't feel the need to label myself vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian or anything else atarian!
My goal is always to find the middle road & a healthy balance. We are constantly being told by experts what to eat & not to eat, but as we all know this advice is always changing & often even "experts" have conflicting opinions.
I believe in listening to our bodies as they are infinitely wise & know what they need, but we all have so much knowledge & information buzzing around in our heads it can be almost impossible for our body wisdom to shine through. Add in the emotional ties we have to certain foods & the messages can get very mixed up.

Someone asked me the other day What my food philosophy is? Ummm......
Well, I believe in the healing power of real, fresh, food. However, at the moment at least, balance & moderation are the things that make the most sense to me - although perhaps this is the hardest thing to achieve, not only in diet, but in all areas of our lives.
I love the saying that " eating a burger with loved ones is healthier than eating a salad alone"
nourishment is not just about vitamins & minerals, but about coming together, connection & sharing food with the people we love. So if you're going to eat cake, enjoy it. feeling guilty about "unhealthy" food choices is far more toxic than the actual food itself.
Food fashions come & go & they always will.  Be a trail blazer, listen to your body the best you can & follow your own path.
Also keep in mind that what suits you during one period of time may not be right for you a bit further down the track.
So next time I'm asked what my "food philosophy" is, I would say " keep an open mind about what is healthy/ what works for you,  don't aim for perfection - and above all, enjoy!"

If you'd like to email me with any questions or to share your story I'd love to hear from you at ella.easton8@gmail.com


  1. So inspiring....I'm really working on balance in everything I do x

  2. Hi Ella, Thanks so much for your useful blog. I try to avoid most carbs - sugar, grain, starchy veg. Have you any ideas of how I could cook something like a quiche or a spanish omelette for picnics. I've tried a base of courgettes and mushrooms but it was too floppy and soggy. best wishes Janet

  3. Hi Janet - thanks so much for your comments - hmmm, tricky one! You could try making a base with coconut flour or Almond flour? - I don't "do" nuts so I'm aftraid i don't have a recipe - maybe google Paleo recipes? Do you eat Quinoa (a pseudo grain) because there are loads of easy recipes for a quinoa pizza base you could try that? Will let you know if i come up with any further thoughts! x