Tuesday, 6 October 2015




This dessert is the best when you've got friends over & want to offer them something that's a bit more exciting than just plain shop bought ice cream, but you don't have time to get in the kitchen creating a culinary masterpiece.
So easy, so delicious & the perfect end to a meal.

The ice cream I used is Buffalo icecream from www.laverstoke.co.uk  This is my new exciting food find - I got some on www.ocado.com this week because it was on offer - & found that Buffalo products are much easier on my digestion than dairy from cows, sheep or goats.

But you can use any ice cream you like - there are tons of amazing vegan products on the market too.

served 3
3 Balloons  (not often you start ingredients list with that!)
100g dark chocolate
6 scoops vanilla icecream
black coffee

Ok, so firstly blow up the balloons - just a little bit so they just about inflated - this pic should give you a rough guide of how big I made mine.

2  Melt the chocolate. You may have your own way of doing it, but here's what I did.  Put the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a saucepan of water that is simmering away (gently bubbling)  and wait for the chocolate to completely melt.

3 Dip the balloons into the chocolate, (or spread it on with a spoon)

I am so messy!......... they could be neater - I do know this - I'm sure yours will be far more beautiful !

then place into the fridge to set.
when the chocolate has hardened up,  pop the balloons, and remove them - then you have your chocolate containers.  Leave them in the fridge until you're ready to serve dessert.

When you're ready to serve them up, just fill each container with the ice cream of your choice

Make up a large cup of black coffee. Flavoured, Decaff, instant.......... up to you.

pour the coffee over the ice cream......... The ice cream and chocolate will start to melt and you get a bowl of complete heaven!

............... This one bears an uncanny resemblance to my brother - I'm serious!


  1. Oddly you're right, but you obviously idolise me a touch: I'm not so sweet looking.