Tuesday, 4 August 2015


A very long title, for a very simple salad! A few weeks ago,I went to London to see Miss Saigon with a friend - we had lunch out & on the menu was " Beetroot & goji berry quinoa salad". I didn't end up ordering that, but it sounded so nice, it inspired me to get in the kitchen & make my own version & here it is - It's my current favourite lunch.

serves 2
150g quinoa (dry weight)
2 large raw beetroots (beets)
100g radishes
50g dried goji berries
mozerella/ feta cheese to serve


2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon Balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard (make sure the brand you use is suitable for a GF diet if you need to be strict)
2 teaspoons raspberry powder. ( I used zingology).  you could also use Beet powder, or just leave that ingredient out.

1. This may sound a bit random but I placed the goji berries in a coffee mug & poured some boiling water on them (just enough to cover).  This makes them soft, juicy & full of flavour rather than chewing on bits of old leather - but maybe that's just me - feel free to keep them in their dried state!
if you want to do this, leave for an hour or so.
2  for the Beets I love them baked. just pop into the oven (180c) for a couple of hours until the skin is starting to crinkle up & they are soft if you poke a knife in the middle. Leave to cool, then peel off the skins & chop them up.

3 Cook the quinoa as per instructions on the packet.  When I remember, I usually soak my quinoa for a few hours, then drain & cook - this way it only takes a few minutes to do, but it will take longer if you haven't soaked it. - as I say - follow the instructions on the pack. - then cover & leave to cool.
4  finely slice some radishes, and cut up a ball of mozerella (or feta if you prefer) into cubes.
5.  I like to mix the beets & quinoa up together cos it makes everything pink - beets stain everything pink anyway, so you might as well make it look like you did it on purpose!
6 if you soaked your goji berries, remove them from their water and add to the quinoa. Add the mozerella & radishes.
7 mix up the dressing & pour over the salad.

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