Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Life is busy at the moment - something I'm sure most of you can relate to -so this week I'm focusing on quick, simple but always delicious food for lunch. Salad days are (almost) here again - and on warmer days this salad makes the perfect lunch. (although yesterday we had rain, hail & thunder & lightning!!  hmm )
As a typical Brit, I always head outside at the first sign of sun (with whippet and cat in hot pursuit)

Kanga's (below) fur is jet black in the winter but in the summer it goes a bit brown/ orangey - so here's the proof we've had some warmer days!

I made this salad last week & its become my new favourite thing - great on it's own for a light meal, or it goes really well with grilled fish or chicken if that's your thing or add some Tofu or beans for a more substantial veggie meal.
I don't love pre cooked packs of beetroot (unless they're in a chocolate cake), so when my friend Lesley introduced me to roasted beets a few years ago it was a total revelation & they've been one of my favourite foods ever since. Now sadly Lez has flown to pastures new (Australia) so I have to make my own! That being said, if you like pre packaged beets, then by all means use them  instead.

As with most salad recipes, it couldn't be easier - so here's what you do. (this served 2 of us)

3 medium sized raw beetroots
2 ripe peaches
salad leaves to serve
2 large handful of chopped walnuts

3 dessert spoons juice from an orange or clementine
3 dessertspoons olive oil
2 dessert spoons balsamic vinegar
1 dessert spoon maple syrup
1 teaspoon dijon mustard

preheat the oven to 180c.  
Roast the beets for up to 2 hours the skins will start to crinkle and if you poke a knife in the middle of the beet that will give you an idea of how soft & cooked it is inside.
(I have an Aga so everything is cooked at 180c! - I've found cooking time really varies when roasting Beets - depending on the size and just the individual beets used - some are faster cookers than others!)
when cool, peel & slice.  slice the peach up, arrange with the salad leaves, handful of walnuts & serve with the dressing.
(for the dressing just whisk the ingredients together - season  to taste)

I pretty much always have some roasted beets sitting in the fridge as they are a brilliant base for a quick but easy meal especially at lunchtime when I don't have much time.
Some other ideas for quick & easy beet based lunches are.
Beet, mozarella & courgette (zucchini) salad
(drizzled with extra virgin olive oil) - or you can use tomatoes, avocado or cucumber in place of the courgettes.

Another simple but so delicious meal is roasted beets, chilli houmuss & spinach salad.

Hope this has given you some lunch inspiration!  Have a great week rabbit foodies! x

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