Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Carrot cake and bircher muesli - two of the best foodie creations on the planet - put them together and what do you get? The most delicious breakfast is what.
Last weekend I met a friend for brunch and she had carrot cake with coffee. I thought, wow what a great way to start the weekend. Couldn't stop thinking about carrot cake, but honestly if I start out the day with cake/ a muffin I crave more sugary stuff mid morning..........and so it goes on until the day ends up being a bit of a sugar fest. So instead I came up with this healthy alternative.
Now the weather is getting warmer & summer is on the way, it's (finally) time to ditch the warming bowls of porridge that get us through winter & bircher muesli is my favourite way to eat oats. If you've read the " about me" section of the blog you'll know that a while back I was having allergic reactions to most foods on the planet (apart from a few things including chia seeds which I hate - life is cruel sometimes)  Getting oats back into my diet has been a very recent thing, which makes this breakfast doubly exciting,  however I am still reacting badly to apples (which are the traditional to use in this dish - so feel free to use apple instead of carrot if you like).
In other news this week, my mum (the Angelina Jolie of the dog world) who has the biggest heart ever when it comes to animals, has rescued yet another dog...........  she already has 3 and my middle  sister's dog is there half the week too, so this brings the total to 5 ( or 4 and a half). Obviously she needed another dog like a hole in the head...................  but he is kinda cute & hard not to fall in love with him............ ( Howie, but I'm calling him Bowie - My youngest sister is calling him Howler, as apparently that's what he does best!).

Anyway! back to the recipe

This fed 2 of us - bearing in mind one of us is usually a "nothing but coffee" for breakfast kind of person - (hint - its not me).  I'm definitely a Breakfast kind of person & probably ate 2/3rds of this - the point being, you may need to adjust the amounts according to your appetite.

75g Gluten free or regular oats (depending on your dietary requirements)
1 carrot finely grated
50g walnuts or pecans (walnuts would make this " carrot cake" muesli more authentic, but I prefer pecans & have used them here)
handful of goji berries  (or any other dried fruit -  again, raisins make it more traditional)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder (or you can use vanilla essence - adjust according to taste)
mixed spice  (nutmeg, ginger & cinnamon)  or just cinnamon .  I used 1 level teaspoon - again adjust according to taste
225 milk of your choice ( I used oat milk)
maple syrup to serve (optional)

1 grate the carrot
2 mix the oats with the vanilla powder & the mixed spice. 
3 mix in the walnuts/pecans and the goji berries
4 stir in the grated carrot. mix together so its all well combined.
5 pour the milk over. stir it again. once its mixed together the milk should be sitting on the top of the mix like this............. you may need a little more milk than the amount I've stated above - I've found it varies depending on the type of oats I use.

if it's not then add a little more.
6 cover the bowl & leave overnight to soak together into a bowl of deliciousness. You can leave in the fridge or leave it at room temperature depending on a) how warm your kitchen is and b) if you prefer it a bit chilled (I personally don't but I think most other people do!)

serve with maple syrup if desired            Nothing could be yummier for breakfast!.................

..........................  almost as good as the real thing ...............................

as a little PS to this post, I have now witnessed Bowie/Howie/Howler's howling for myself and all I can say is OH. MY. GOD. Amazed the neighbours haven't complained.......or called the RSPCA!

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