Wednesday, 4 February 2015


This is what I ate for lunch practically every day whilst on holiday in Jamaica. It's not really a recipe as such, and doesn't require any cooking as we had no cooking facilities! I wanted to share it anyway, because I did have a momentary panic when we arrived at the supermarket thinking " there's nothing I can eat!!! ........ but this worked so well together and was really really delicious.
We thought we had booked a room with a cooker, hob, kettle, fridge,  kitchen sink & crockery & cutlery, but when we arrived they'd put us in the one with nothing but a mini fridge - still we had an amazing view overlooking the sea, so I'm not complaining! food tastes so much better eaten outside in the sun.........especially when you're looking at something like this.

We had enough money for one proper meal out every day & most of the stuff we could've grabbed for lunch tended to be fast food, sandwiches or jerk chicken (I don't eat meat), so I had to grab what I could at the grocery store (including paper plates & plastic forks & some washing up liquid) & this is what I came up with for lunch. I picked up some plastic pots at the store, so that when we had a meal out in the evenings I could take anything I didn't finish back with me & store it in the fridge (this actually worked really well as they served huge portions of rice and callaloo and I ended up bringing stuff home most nights).
I have to say the avocados were THE most delicious ones I've ever tasted, and really didn't need anything added to them.

serves 2
1 avocado
juice 1 lime
1 tin cannellini beans
1/2 cucumber
1 jar tomatopasta sauce with chilli
leftover brown rice.
unsweetened coconut yogurt  / or some coconut cream mixed with water
tortilla chips to serve

When I ran out of the cannellini bean/ tomato sauce  concoction I just picked up a small can of baked beans which worked well too. NB if you are away from home make sure you buy cans that don't require a can opener!

1  drain and rinse the tin of cannellini beans.  mix with some of the tomato pasta sauce.
2  peel the avocado. remove the stone & slice it up. drizzle with the juice of 1 lime
3 serve with cucumber slices,  some coconut yogurt (or coconut cream if you can't get the yogurt)  and some tortilla chips.
4  Drank the most amazing fresh green coconut juice with this, but haven't found anything at home in the UK that comes close!

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