Thursday, 19 February 2015


I had an amazing start to 2015.I Always find January depressing, so this year I made sure I'd organised lots of things - been to the theatre, museums, caught up with lots of friends & had an amazing week in Jamaica......didn't think as far ahead as February - & honestly it's dragged a bit. However this week I've seen lots of spring flowers beginning to appear in the garden, which is an exciting reminder that spring is just round the corner - so hang in there everyone. I love spring, I think it's my favourite season - seeing everything come to life again...........So I'm just going to ignore the grey, rainy weather outside the window.

Ok, so this isn't really pesto sauce, as it has no pinenuts, no parmesan and no basil........... but its along the same kind of idea. This came together by chance - as do all the best recipes! Ocado kindly gave me a free sample of baby food - pea puree......... Not the best free sample I've received from them I must admit, but this is what I came up with & it went down well with everyone so I wanted to share it with you. You don't need pea puree, just regular frozen peas is fine - cheaper too.  you could also make this with basil, but I'm not so keen on basil & am mildly obsessed with coriander (cilantro)

100g frozen peas
25g bunch of coriander
100ml olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
juice of 2 limes
(you could also add garlic puree if you have some)

put the peas in a bowl and leave to defrost for about 30 mins.
 Blitz all the above ingredients together to make your pesto. ( I used a stick blender)
served here with rice, more peas, some fresh spinach & garnished with pinenuts & pumpkin seeds.
Also great with baked potatoes, pasta or on toast.

Ocado if you're reading this,  next time I'd like a free sample of wine or chocolate please!

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