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Toasted sandwiches & soup are the best & you don't need to miss out just because you are following a GF diet. These tuna melts are so good, you will get them past any gluten eater should you want to share them....which you won't! ;)
I really don't eat a lot of gluten free products ie bread/ biscuits etc, but I like the brand Dietary specials & usually have a packet of the brown ciabatta rolls in the cupboard a) because they're convenient when I have people over as they are tasty enough to get past gluten eaters unlike a lot of other Gluten free breads, b) they are so convenient to take with you if you are going away & don't know if there will be anything you can safely eat for breakfast.
For the same reasons, I usually have some dietary specials bourbon biscuits or digestive biscuits in the cupboard, so that when friends come round I have something to offer them -  or for those moments when ONLY tea & biscuits will do. Also the good thing about the biscuits are that they are packaged in two's or fours, so you don't have to open a whole big packet just to give someone a biscuit.
Anyway, back to today's recipe! If you don't live in the UK or can't get hold of the above rolls, just use any gluten free rolls or bread of your choice.

served 2
for the tuna melts.  preheat the oven to 200c

2 dietary specials GF brown ciabatta rolls  (or any other gluten free part baked rolls) (ocado)
160g tin of tuna ( the one I used was packed in spring water, but it doesn't really  matter)
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
4 spring onions chopped
1 large tomato, cut into slices
Handful of fresh basil chopped.
coarse ground black pepper
3 babybel cheeses (peel and grate the cheese)
lurpak spreadable (or butter or any other spread of your choice)

1 finely chop the white parts of the spring onions. drain the can of tuna, and  mix the tuna and the spring onion with the mayonnaise.

2 split the ciabatta rolls in half and lay on a baking tray.

3 spread 3 halves with the tuna mix. sprinkle with grated cheese and top with some tomato slices. season with coarse ground black pepper.
spread the other 3 halves with a little lurpak/ butter or olive oil and some chopped basil

4 bake in the oven for about 10 mins depending on how crispy you want the bread to be.  Sandwich the two halves together and serve with soup!

for the Butternutsquash soup

This is THE simplest BNS soup recipe ever, but I love it so much! - its really sweet & delicious. I made it onion free - because a lot of people really don't do well on/ like onions and also its much quicker & easier this way. (that being said the version at the very top of the page is decorated with some left over fried onions & seasoned with seasalt & coarse ground black pepper.)

300g butternut squash - peeled, deseeded and chopped into cubes (this is the peeled weight)
1 capful of light olive oil  (by "capful" I mean I use the cap on the olive oil bottle as a measure)

for the stock
100g butternut squash
150g carrots
small handful frozen sweetcorn
400ml water.

preheat oven to 200c

1  peel, de seed and chop the butternut squash. Arrange in an oven proof dish. Drizzle with 1 capful of light olive oil (or other cooking oil of your choice). toss the veg around so its well covered.  bake in the oven for around 40 mins until the squash is tender & cooked & starting to brown.
2 whilst the squash is roasting in the oven, make the stock. chop up the squash for the stock and carrots. (I use organic carrots so theres no need to wash or peel them)
 put in a saucepan with the sweetcorn and water. Bring to the boil, then  reduce the heat to a gentle simmer, cover and leave for about 40 mins. (ie whilst the squash is roasting in the oven.)
Remove the vegetables from the saucepan (I used a slotted spoon) and discard. Make sure you don't lose any of the liquid because that is your  stock!

3  Put the stock and the roasted squash into the blender and blitz. Season to taste. That's it - it's that simple!
Made this way the butternutsquash flavour is so intense - but feel free to jazz it up with some chopped fresh sage, some chopped fresh coriander, chilli sauce, sauted onion, a spoonful of coconut cream, turmeric, garlic puree or anything else you like - but mostly I love it as it is with a bit of seasalt.

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