Sunday, 27 July 2014


Toast is probably my best food in the world. It seems that the hardest thing to give up for most people going Gluten free or wheat free is bread (or in this case toast!) & the quest to find a really great gluten free alternative can be hardgoing.
There are lots of GF breads on the market today, which is great, because it gives you a wide range of choice, but to be honest most of them don't tick the right boxes for me personally.
I don't want a bread with a list of ingredients so long I don't have time to read it all..........and if I did have time I wouldn't have a clue what half of them are (what is Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose anyway??)  Often these fake breads are so full of nasties that honestly my body does even worse on them than it did on wheat.
The "healthy" organic GF breads available tend to be like a brick and that's not what I want either.
The two breads I use are schnitzer organic amaranth gluten free bread ( It's Dairy, soy, nut & egg free, is organic and makes great toast.
And my new discovery Teff seeded bread flour from . Soo easy to make (and this is from a woman who has made enough gluten free "bricks" to build a house and managed to bust not one, but two breadmakers in the process.)  This is the bread I used in the following recipes.

The following are not really recipes - more like ideas on how to jazz up your morning toast when toast & marmite is getting boring!

1  ricotta cheese, 1 ripe fresh fig, few crushed walnuts, drizzled with maple syrup.
mash some ricotta cheese onto your toast, slice a ripe fig on top, & decorate with crushed walnuts and some maple syrup.  (to make a dairy free version you can use silken tofu instead of the ricotta)

2  Avocado, asparagus & mozzarella, lemon juice & fresh mint.
mash half an avocado with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. spread onto your toast. for the asparagus, I drizzled with light olive oil and roasted at 200c for 12 mins. This just makes the flavour more intense, but boiling or steaming the asparagus is fine too. Add some chopped fresh mint leaves, tear off some pieces off a ball of mozzarella and sprinkle with coarse ground black pepper.

3  Peanut butter, kiwi, pinenut and alfalfa
spread your toast with peanut butter. Peel & slice a kiwi on top. Decorate with some alfalfa sprouts and a spoonful of pinenuts to add some extra crunch.

4  last but not least................because sometimes only marmite will do (sorry to all you haters out there :)

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