Friday, 28 March 2014


Lentils are a great vegetarian source of Iron, folic acid and antioxidents.
This lentil Bolognese is not only good with pasta, but on GF toast (as a change from baked beans), or with baked potatoes. I love this served with houmuss or tahini to make it dairy free, or if you're a meat eater you can add some grilled bacon.
serves 2 (to serve 4 just double the ingredients)

6 tablespoons green lentils (I used crazy jacks, they don't need soaking)
300ml vegetable stock (fresh or from a cube)
250g tomato pasta sauce. (I used peter rabbit organics. ocado)
(please check the pasta sauce you use is GF. alternatively use 250g passata )
1 small red onion
1 carrot
few cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon cooking sherry or red wine (optional)

1  peel, slice & dice the onion & the carrot (don't bother peeling the carrot if it's organic)
heat a little light olive oil, or your usual cooking oil, in a frying pan and cook the onion & carrot until softened and starting to brown.

2 put the lentils and stock in a saucepan & bring to the boil. stir to make sure the lentils don't stick to the bottom & then reduce the heat, cover & leave to simmer on low. When the lentils have absorbed all the liquid, add the tomato pasta sauce, the red wine or sherry & the red onion & carrot & a few cherry tomatoes (sliced)

3 leave to simmer for another 5- 10 mins.  If it's too dry add a little more stock & if it's too liquified then turn up the heat to reduce the sauce down. If the lentils are still not totally cooked, just keep adding a little more stock until they are done.

4 for the pasta, i used some Orgran buckwheat spirals. Use whatever GF pasta or spaghetti you like. cook as per instructions, I used 75g per person.

adapt the recipe to use up what you have in the cupboards. Red lentils work just as well, and celery, mushrooms or cherry tomatoes can be used in place of the onion & carrots.

 this version is made with red & green lentils, celery, GF spaghetti & tahini dip
5 I often make extra so that i can have it the next day with houmuss, salad & tortilla chips. Just yum!


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